Buy Illinois Network


Illinois consumers spend billions of dollars on goods and services every year. With an innovative and diversified economy, our state is home to high-performance companies producing high-quality goods and delivering top-notch services in every major industry sector. Even a small shift in consumer buying habits to purchase more goods and services from homegrown companies would boost the Illinois economy by hundreds of millions of dollars, resulting in the direct and indirect creation of thousands of jobs. That's why we launched the "Buy Illinois" initiative, a statewide series of regional trade fairs, procurement workshops and training programs designed to stimulate more in-state, business-to-business commerce and increase the self-sufficiency of the Illinois economy. The "Buy Illinois Network" is designed to continue this movement and build upon its success, helping businesses market their commercial products and services to potential customers across this great state.

Whether you are a business customer hoping to generate increased sales or a consumer looking to support Illinois businesses, we hope you enjoy discovering all of the fantastic products and services this site has to offer.