Program Information

Application Requirements

An application shall be submitted on the standard application form provided by the Department. An application shall include:

  1. Eligibility Criteria. Information establishing that the necessary eligibility criteria as specified in Section 520.210 has been met;

  2. Economic Development Goals of the Zone. A statement concerning the economic development goals and objectives of the zone, including: specific three-year development goals and objectives of the zone, and a zone implementation plan describing the specific tasks, activities, and commitments that must be accomplished to achieve each three-year objective;

  3. Local Incentives and Programs. Information concerning each local incentive, program, special activity, or commitment to be provided in support of the zone, including: a description of each, how it will be implemented, who will provide it, the estimated impact on the revenue of the local government, any special qualifications or conditions imposed on its applicability, and the period of availability and the effective date provided. However, each incentive, program, special activity, or commitment to be provided may not be offered on a case-by-case basis, and must assure that all taxpayers or participants eligible under similar circumstances are treated in a similar manner;

  4. Role of the DZO. A statement describing the role of the DZO, including the functions, programs and services to be performed by the DZO;

  5. Municipality or County Incentives. A statement detailing any tax, grant, and other financial incentives or benefits, and any programs, to be provided by the municipality or county to business enterprises within the zone, other than those provided in the designating ordinance, which are not provided throughout the municipality or county;

  6. Economic Impact of the Zone. An estimate of the economic impact of the zone, considering all of the tax incentives, financial benefits and programs contemplated, upon the revenues of the municipality or county;

  7. Management Structure of the Zone. A statement describing the management structure of the zone;

  8. Transcript of Public Hearings. A transcript of all public hearings;

  9. Copy of Public Notice. A copy of the public notice;

  10. Designating Ordinance. A certified copy of the local government designating ordinance;

  11. Joint Applicant Information. In the case of a joint application, a statement detailing the need for a zone covering portions of more than one municipality or county, and a description of the agreement between joint applicants;

  12. Boundary Description. A legal description of the Enterprise Zone and a map of the Enterprise Zone that clearly identifies the zone's boundaries and provides names of streets and highways; applicants are encouraged to submit geospatial data as ESRI ARCGIS Shape files; applicants shall clearly indicate any territory within the Enterprise Zone that is already within an existing Enterprise Zone; and

  13. Local Labor Market Area. A specific definition of the applicant's local labor market area, along with a statement explaining why the local labor market area used is appropriate for the Enterprise Zone to which it relates; applicants are encouraged to include data on commuting patterns and public transportation or other information demonstrating that for the local labor market area used individuals can reside and find employment within a reasonable distance or can readily change jobs without changing their place of residence. [20 ILCS 655/3(h)]

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